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“TCC Tracker” FAQs

1. What is the “TCC Tracker”?

The “TCC Tracker” is a web and wireless app we’re launching to make exercise and nutrition easy for all TCC members. Members can use the app to get club updates, connect with trainers & members, join groups, and access personalized training and nutrition plans. The “TCC Tracker” captures your food and exercise, and provides personalized insights about your overall nutrition and exercise progress.

2. What does it cost?

The “TCC Tracker” use is free for TCC members & non-members. Integrated and personalized plans are available from our registered dietician and fitness trainers for a nominal fee.

3. Where can I get it?

At launch you can download the app from the Apple App store, or, you can access it from TCC website's home page. The Google Play Store App is coming soon!

4. When will it be available?

The App is available NOW! The flat-screen TVs will announce new features and support.

5. How does it differ from the “Claremont Club” app?

It’s functionality is included within the “TCC Tracker”.

6. How does the “TCC Tracker” differ from “MyZone”?

The “TCC Tracker” complements “MyZone”; it will capture “MyZone” activity in the near future.

7. What is auto-tracking?

On select weight machines, the “TCC Tracker” will automatically capture your sets, reps, tempo, weight-lifted, calories burned and overall progress. A “smart” wrist-band is required and available for a nominal cost.

8. What apps and wearables can be synced with "TCC Tracker"?

Supported at launch: AppleWatch; Following soon after: FitBit, Garmin & MyZone.