Personal Training


Posture Workshop

$10 - Members   $15 non-members

August 27th, 12:00 - 1:00pm (Power Plate Studio)

August 27th 6:00 - 7:00pm (GX Studio)

Verbal and hands-on guidance will be used to help participants change their postural habits when sitting, standing, walking, and performing job related tasks. Many benefitts of optimal posture include reduced pain in high stress areas as well as better quality of life. Learn corrective exercises to ease your daily aches and focus on your goal of being pain free to continue to enjoy the things you love.

Instructor Ben Arrue. Space limited to 8, register at the Front Desk. For more info contact Denise Johnson (909)625-6719 ext.236 or


Healthy Habits Workshop

September 25, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Free (sign up required)

Join us in the Conference Room for a FREE workshop that will overview the habits and behavior change necessary to build a sustainable and successful weight loss, exercise or other health related habit.

Topics that will be highlighted:

  • Goal setting
  • Figuring out your "why"
  • Journaling for food logging, exercise tracking, time management
  • Accountability - Partners, Tools
  • Support and saboteurs
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Stress Management
  • Positive and Negative Thinking
  • Dining out while staying on track

Space is limited, to reserve a spot sign up at the Front Desk. Questions contact Ray Scott This is an introduction to the 8-week Healthy Habits Program.


Complimentary 30 Minute Personal Training Session

Walk-Ins Only / New Clients Only

Contact our Health and Wellness Coach to schedule your Personal Training Session at (909) 625-6791, ext. 235.

Train with the Industry’s BEST!

Trainers at the Claremont Club construct results-based programs to motivate, challenge and transform their client’s lives. Trainers are committed to delivering the highest quality of service available. All Personal Trainers at The Claremont Club have a Nationally Accredited Certification and 90% have their Undergraduate and/or Masters Degrees in movement science. This provides clients with the knowledge that each personal trainer is a qualified professional and will provide them with a safe, effective workout regime. 

Achieve and Succeed

Experience the benefits that a personal trainer at The Claremont Club has to offer. Whether your interest is to lose body fat, tone, sculpt, increase endurance, boost energy, improve sports skills or simply feel great, our private trainers are focused on achieving maximum results in the least amount of time.

Personal Training Terms and Conditions

  1. Personal training sessions that are not cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance will result in forfeiture of the session and the cost of that session will be forfeited.

  2. Clients arriving late will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with a Trainer.

  3. The expiration policy is as follows: The entire package must be utilized no later than double the amount of time of sessions purchased (i.e. 6-30 minutes sessions expire 12 weeks from purchase date).

  4. No personal training refunds will be issued for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness and unused sessions.

  5. Small Group Training (SGT) and Semi-Private Packages may only be used for the training time and day chosen at the time of purchase. SGT packages expire 10 weeks from first use. No refunds or cancellations will be accepted. If a client misses a session for any reason, the cost of that session will be forfeited.

  6. All sessions must be paid for before services are rendered. Should a client fail to check in at the front desk prior to appointment and a personal training package is not on file, the full session will be charged to membership account and no refunds or credits will be rendered.


Monthly EFT Training Memberships

I signed a 3, 6, or 12 month Monthly EFT Training Membership Agreement what does this mean?

This simply means that you have committed to 3, 6, or 12 months of training and are committed to this agreement period.

How does my EFT get charged monthly?

Monthly EFT charges are paid through your credit card or bank account on file. You will be charged on the same day of each month.

What happens if I cancel my agreement after I’ve fulfilled my initial term and then I choose to come back to training at a later date?

Any client may re-enroll in the Monthly EFT Training Membership; however there is a $39 enrollment fee to start the EFT service again if the time lapse is greater than 30 days.

I am going to miss a week of training due to work obligations and/or a vacation.

You have 8 weeks from the date your Monthly EFT Training Membership drops to use your training. Some options are if you miss you can speak with your Trainer to train an extra time the week before, or after or give that time slot to a friend/family member if you are unable to make it up.

I have a medical issue and will not be able to train for a period of time. Should I cancel my Monthly EFT Training Membership?

We offer a Medical Freeze that allows you to freeze your Monthly EFT Training Membership for up to 6 months accompanied by a doctor’s note that states the date the freeze should begin and end. All Medical Freezes must be run through, and approved by the Membership department. A Training Agreement Medical Freeze Form must also be completed and submitted to the Wellness Director, to complete this request.

I am going on an extended vacation/trip what should I do?

The Club offers a Membership Freeze for various reasons including Vacation, Sabbatical, or Financial Reasons. We require a 2 week written notice to freeze your Monthly EFT Training Membership for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months. The freeze must be in writing and may be utilized once per calendar year. All freezes must be run through, and approved by the Membership department.

I need to cancel my training appointment today, but it is less than 24 hour notice.

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Unfortunately, you will be deducted a session for late cancelling.

I have fulfilled my 3, 6, or 12 month agreement and I want to continue training. What do I need to do?

If you selected to Auto Renew your Monthly EFT Training Membership will go month to month.  If you selected to NOT Auto Renew you will need to sign a new Training Agreement with the Health and Wellness Coach within 30 days to avoid being charged the $39 enrollment fee again.

I started with a once per week Monthly EFT Training Membership and now want to train two times per week. Can I change my membership if I have not fulfilled my current membership?

Absolutely, you can upgrade at any time at no charge. To upgrade, you must see our Health and Wellness Coach to initiate a new Training Agreement. Clients may not downgrade an agreement within the agreement term.