Group Training




Intensity, Strength, Motivation, and Camaraderie!

 Next Program October 30-December 15

$120 – 6 weeks meets twice per week for 30 minutes

Drop-In $15 (space permitting)

xTrEAM GLADIATOR            

The Power Plate accelerates your challenge due to the vibration requiring more muscle activation while performing exercises. So get your Gladiator ON… Build a battle-ready body and become a god of the arena in your own right.  This program is FIT for a warrior but does not require a sword just training like your life depended on it!

xTrEAM CLASSIC PLATE                       

This training is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Exercises can be regressed or progressed to meet each individuals needs. Program will address upper, lower body and abdominal areas with cardio burners blended in.

xTrEAM SUPER SET PLATE                      

This training offers a combination of isolation and compound super sets.  You will definitely get your heart rate up while toning your entire body.  The use of TRX, poza and medicine balls in conjunction with vibration training will help push you while making your workout fun and challenging.

xTrEAM Training                                   

This 30 minute extreme training is a fast paced, high intensity challenge.  There are 3 workouts: Core, MMA and Circuit.  Many diverse pieces of equipment will be utilized; sandbells, landmine, Bulgarian Bags, TRX and much more.


Build power, strength, flexibility, mobility and prevent injuries.  Change the way you view exercise and take your workouts to a new level.


Jillian Michaels BODY SHRED is a fun, effective, high intensity, metabolic workout utilizing her 3-2-1 interval approach to whole body circuit training (3 min strength, 2 min Cardio, 1 min abs), you’ll shed fat, define muscle, dramatically enhance performance and transform your physique!

 xTrEAM Ropes & Bags

Are you looking for a method of training that maximizes strength, endurance, cardio fitness, mobility and overall explosiveness then training with the Bulgarian Bag and the Ropes is for you.

xTrEAM Boxing Boot Camp

Boxing to the xTrEAM this program will include jump rope, medicine ball slams, burpees, jumping jacks and hitting the heavy bags.



Want accelerated results a Trainer can provide without the expense…Small Group Training is your solution; receive a customized training program designed just for you. 
8-60 Minute Sessions                      $280
8-30 Minute Sessions                      $144
Drop-In 60 Minutes                         $42
Drop-In 30 Minutes                         $25


This small group will teach you the basics of boxing without the bruises. Learn punching technique, defensive and heavy bag drills, footwork and much more.




$299/8 WEEKS

Looking to take your fitness to a new level and use proper nutrition for fat loss, with pre-choreographed workouts combining body weight exercise and dumbbells to increase muscle and metabolic rate and endurance. 


Take your fitness training to a whole new level by being challenged by your coaches and your peers at the same time! Our dynamic Small Group Training programs will bring you new and innovative exercise routines to amp up your fitness level!

Small Group Training in a functional space designed to maximize and optimize your workout!


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