Small Group Training (SGT/3-6 team members)

Discounted SGT Training Memberships Available

BOXING You may not learn to float like a butterfly or sting like a bee, but you will learn the fundamentals of boxing to improve hand eye coordination, balance and increase core strength.

CLASSIC PLATE Designed for all ages and fitness levels.  This session is best for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Plate.  It is a balanced workout with minimal to no jumping.  All exercises can be progressed or regressed.  We will use many other tools such as medicine balls, poza balls and resistance bands.

PLATE Training is never the same twice. All tools will be used including cables for upper and lower body.  Many exercises are multi-planar, challenging strength, balance and the cardiovascular system all at the same time for an incredible work out.

PLATE BURN A cardio HIIT class to incinerate fat and train the heart.

SPECIAL POPULATIONS Improve mobility from stiff muscles and joints, increase strength and flexibility, learn proper gait along with other techniques to make activities of daily living easier.


Team Training (6-10 team members)

$120 for 6 weeks, 2 times/week, Drop-In $15 (space permitting)

6 Week Program Dates 9/16 – 10/25

SHRED is a fun, effective, high intensity, metabolic workout utilizing the 3-2-1 interval approach to whole body circuit training (3 min strength, 2 min Cardio, 1 min abs), you’ll shed fat, define muscle, dramatically enhance performance and transform your physique!

InTENsity TEN exercises, TEN reps, TEN rounds. Each round progresses and challenges you on every level. Keep up with the latest fitness trends with this dynamic and innovative workout. FEEL your body progress and SEE the results.

TRX Build power, strength, flexibility, mobility and prevent injuries with this functional training tool.

This combination builds strength but also keeps your heart thumping and revs your metabolism! 

Wild Card Wednesdays Trainers’ choice! All Wild Card sessions guarantee to get your heart pumping and your body moving with different training techniques utilizing a variety of equipment. 



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Get the full experience of Vibration Training in a small group setting

Power Plate

Used in health clubs, private studios, and elite training centers, Power Plate’s advanced vibration technology has been used to effectively address a wide variety of wellness and fitness needs. From increases in circulation, energy and vitality, to gains in muscular strength, explosive power, and flexibility, Power Plate gets results!

Time is precious, and Power Plate helps make the most of your time.  Vibration training stimulates a higher percentage of your muscle fibers, so you can get more exercise in less time. 

More than 180 research studies have been conducted on whole body vibration.  The research has shown that, when used regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, Power Plate Training has numerous benefits, including:

Increased Strength
Improves muscle tone, posture and endurance.

Build Bone Density
Increases bone mineral density and prevents bone loss related to aging.

Improved Flexibility
Increases range of motion, coordination, balance and stability.

Lose Weight
Reduces body fat and enhances metabolism.

Alleviate Pain
Promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, decreases pain and improves joint function.

Improved Circulation
Increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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