Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp at The Claremont Club runs from June 1st through September 4th and offers children 40 different camps and 18 acres of fun: swimming, sports, weight training, field trips, group exercise classes, specialty camps, educational camps, dress up days and more! Our Sports Camps will keep your child active, our Specialty Camps will keep your child creative, and our Educational Camps will keep your child's mind stimulated.

Our Sports Camps include: Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Hockey, Baseball, and Dance.  Our Specialty Camps include: Jedi, Mermaid, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Art, and Crack the Code Escape Room Camp.  Our Fitness Camps include: Mini, Mini Boot Camp, GYM, Kids Sports, Juniors, Total, and Junior Counselor Camp.  We also have some amazing offerings in our Education Camps including Science, LEGO, and our ACT/SAT Prep Camp.
We have something for everyone! Summer Camp at The Claremont Club provides children ages 3 through 18 with a safe, fun and nurturing environment. Summer Camp is fun, challenging and educational, keeping the best interest of every age group.

RAGING WATERS HERE WE COME!  Join us this summer as we travel to Raging Waters every week.  You can purchase your Raging Waters season pass now at Kids Court for $74.99.  Celebrate the best of summer with us all summer long!  There is an additional bus fee for Full Day Campers at $30.00 for members and $40.00 for non-members.  Contact Kids Court at extension 248 for more information.  

Summer Camp 2020 Brochures are in the making!  If you have any further questions regarding summer camp or childcare at The Claremont Club, please contact our Childcare team at Kids Court at 909-625-6791 ext 248. 

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