What's Unique

A pioneer in activity-based recovery, The Perfect Step has been treating paralysis clients for over a decade; making them not only an authority in the field, but a leader in rehabilitation and treatment of individuals with all types of paralysis. Perfect Step Paralysis Recovery Specialists see an average of 10,000 client hours each year and it is this knowledge and experience that makes our program unlike any other.

Below you will find some of the things that make our program here at The Perfect Step unique.


One major difference between The Perfect Step and other activity-based programs is that the majority of our clients improve function below their injury level.


All of the exercises you do at The Perfect Step will be completed outside of the wheelchair. The emphasis is on load-bearing activities that may help increase function, bone density, muscle mass, sensation, and circulation.


After starting our program many of our clients find that they are able to decrease or completely eliminate their medication programs.


At The Perfect Step you will meet a wide variety of clients. Some have been in the program for months, while others may have just started, but every client has a story similar to you and can help you understand the recovery process. It’s important to remember that you are not alone during the process; you will have the support of your peers and Specialists who work with spinal cord injuries on a daily basis.


Aside from the positive social aspects of the program, the combination of exercise and decrease in medication has been found to help our clients increase in health and overall quality of life. By incorporating our unique exercise program into your rehabilitation plan, your body may become more resilient to common SCI ailments such as pressure sores, urinary tract infections, blood pressure problems and poor circulation.


Hope is a major aspect of our program because without hope you can’t recover. You will find throughout our center that hope is not discouraged but found within our staff, and most importantly, our clients.


Over the past several years, The Perfect Step previously known as Project Walk, has embarked on an ambitious research agenda. Through partnering with universities, hospitals and other non-profits, we have been able to design and implement various projects that have led to publications in multiple peer-reviewed journals and presentations at scientific conferences. This research allows us to refine and evolve our program in ways that other programs cannot.


The Perfect Step offers the only educational program in the world that teaches The S.T.E.P. Method and Patterned Neural Activity Recruitment to outside therapists and trainers. This program is built upon Perfect Step research and more than a decade pushing the barriers of paralysis recovery. Our staff and global network of Certified Paralysis Recovery Specialist continue to learn and develop their skills in association with paralysis recovery experts at The Perfect Step.

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