Children with SCI


The objective of our program for children is two-fold. First, we educate the family on the long-term benefits of activity-based recovery. Second, we teach a family member or trainer to work with the child on a consistent recovery program.

We empower the family by providing long-term objectives, coaching and guidance, as most of the work can be done at home or at a local gym. Return visits are a necessity as improvements and changes occur.

Since children are constantly growing and developing, their nervous system is still in the process of organizing. As a child with all types of paralysis grows, the body will grow into and adapt to the wheelchair. Instead, we here at The Perfect Step provide their nervous system the stimulation necessary for a chance beyond a wheelchair.

While the workout programs we create for our younger clients are fun, each program is supported by developmental movement patterns that all humans perform as they develop. By using closed chain exercises to stimulate the nervous system, we facilitate an environment for possible reorganization and regaining of function. If you have questions about this aspect of our Paralysis Recovery program, please contact us at


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