Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine - The Claremont Clubs Journey... from The Claremont Club on Vimeo.

For the past 11 years, The Claremont Club has taken a leadership position in the global fitness and wellness industry. The Claremont Club supports the American College of Sports Medicine’s signature initiative called Exercise is Medicine through documentary and testimonials. As an industry leader, The Claremont Club has taken the initiative to help merge the experts in healthcare with the experts in fitness to begin working together instead of independently.

The Claremont Club is known for developing new ways to serve its community and for delivering programs to many different populations that really need it, including individuals struggling with chronic illness and chronic injuries, improving their overall health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The activity-based programs at the Club have helped lead individuals away from various pills and procedures, while reducing the occurrence of secondary complications and hospital visits. The Exercise is Medicine initiative is one The Claremont Club hopes to share with health clubs around the world, so that people with these chronic injuries and illnesses will receive the help they so desperately need. The Club believes that it is time for legislative reform to help provide long-term financial aide to people who struggle with these chronic injuries and illnesses.