Specialty Camps (ages 6 to 14)

In stimulating children’s creativity and sense of adventure, we offer over 13 different specialty camps all designed to engage children in activities that keep their interests while fostering learning, a sense of inclusion, and fun.  The artistically inclined child will have a blast in one of our themed art camps.  We offer fun summer themed art projects and activities utilizing some of the most popular art forms including painting, drawing, collage and sculpture.  

For the puzzle solvers at heart, we offer our Escape Room Camp.  Children will get to expand their creative and cognitive muscles by designing and building their very own escape rooms that their peers will get the chance to solve.  They will also get to visit a local Escape Room and try their luck at solving its puzzles while learning the art of creating their own.  

Book worms will rejoice in our Harry Potter Camp where their beloved stories will come to life.  Each child will be immersed in the world of Harry Potter.  They will become a member of one of Hogwarts Americana’s esteemed houses: Dracoyorn, Alicorn, Cerberus, and Basalisk, and will be enrolled in several of Hogwarts Americana’s most popular courses including Transfigurations, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions classes.  Harry Potter themed foods, crafts and games will all be a part of the fun! Children will compete in Quidditch and end the week with the Tri-Wizard Tournament. 

Cosplayers, gamers, and geeks will be fulfilled during our Jedi, Pokemon Camps, and Dungeons and Dragons Camps.  Children will become Pokemon Masters by caring for their own Pokemon buddy and playing in card and video game tournaments all while showing off their impressive Pokemon Card collections.  They will become one with the Force by completing their Jedi training and graduating from being Padawans to full fledged Jedi Knights.  They will hone their role playing muscles during our Dungeons and Dragons camp where they will be immersed in worlds of their own creation and design, working with their peers in collaborative story telling.  Kids will have the chance to express their “geeky” and creative sides in a safe and fun environment with kids that have the same interests as they do.  Please see below for our offerings:  


ART CAMP (Ages: 7-14 years)

A one week program designed to help children have fun in the exciting world of art! Art Camp will introduce a variety of art forms including projects with painting, sculpting, drawing and more! Your children will have a blast during this three-hour creative class! Look below for our weekly themes.

Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cost: $210* for Members and $230* for Non-members

Located in the Specialty Camp Room

Weekly Themes:

  • Session 1/Week 3(June 15th - 19th)Sun, Sand, and Surf: Soak in that summertime bliss with art projects all about your favorite summer activities. From camping and hiking to beach trips and swimming, children will have a blast creating projects that give them that summer feeling.
  • Session 2/Week 5 (June 29th - July 3rd): Perler Bead CreationsJoin us on a perler bead, pixelated adventure!  We will create some of your child's favorite characters, wearable art, and so much more all with this classic plastic melting art medium.  
  • Session 3/Week 7 (July 13th - 17th): Pop Up Art Camp Your children will learn that art is possible anywhere during this amazing, exploratory art camp!  We will be creating stand alone, artistic pieces throughout The Claremont Club.  Artistic styles will include nature art, chalk drawings, and wall paintings.  Children will create their art and then be photographed creating a scrapbook that they can keep as a memento of a memorable summer (this art camp will meet under the Oak Trees).  


CRACK THE CODE CAMP (ages 9 – 14)

This camp is designed for those campers who like a good challenge! Campers will take a field trip to Exodus Escape Room in Rancho Cucamonga, where they will try their luck at a real escape room. They will get the chance to talk with the experts to learn the art of creating an escape room. Campers will then have the opportunity to design their own escape room which they will put to the test on the last day of camp. Campers will be challenged to use problem solving skills, create puzzles, make brain teasers, code clues, and produce story lines. This camp is the ultimate challenge for kids who love to put their brain to work, complete an objective and thrive with team cooperation, problem solving and cognitive development.  This is an all day camp and lunch is included.

Offered Week 8 (July 20th - 24th) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: The Specialty Camp Room

Cost: $490* for Members and $510* for Non-members



Welcome to the world of dollhouse miniatures! Your child will become immersed in this tiny world for a week of playful creating! This year’s theme is “dress up” and we will be making tiny clothes, hats, boxes, accessories, and even a little miniature scene to put them all in. Everything will be 1/12th scale meaning if it’s 12 inches in real life, it will be shrunk down to 1 inch in our tiny world. Each day will be filled with hands on learning on how to craft dollhouse miniatures while your child makes their own petite lovelies.

Offered Week 13 (August 24th - 28th) Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: The Specialty Camp Room

Cost: $210* for Members and $230* for Non-members


DRAMA CAMP (Ages 7 – 14)

Calling all thespians!  Have your campers join us for a week of laughter, improv and fun during Drama Camp.  Campers will participate in acting exercising, learn acting terminology (the fun way), practice stage direction, and create their very own play to perform at the end of the week for their parents, family and friends.  Fun will be had and friendships will be made! 

Offered Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Session 1/Week 5 (June 29th - July 3rd) 
  • Session 2/Week 10 (August 3rd - 7th)

Location: The Specialty Camp Room

Cost: $210* for Members and $230* for Non-members



Welcome to the world of the Forgotten Realms!  During this immersive week of camp, your child will learn all about the role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.  They will create their own character and backstory.  They will then paint a miniature that represents their character that they will play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) with throughout the week.  They will also create their own dice box and get their own set of dice!  Fighting goblins, rescuing people in distress, and fighting dragons will all be a part of the adventure.  Will your child be a player or a Dungeon Master?  Sign them up for this fun and exciting camp and find out!

Offered Week 13 (August 24th - 28th) Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: The Stone Clubhouse

Cost: $210* for Members and $230* for Non-members 

HARRY POTTER CAMP (ages 7 – 14)

Professor Albus Dumbledore invites your witches and wizards join us for a week of magic and fun! From potions class to Quidditch playing, your children will be immersed in the world of Harry Potter. Magic, adventure and Butterbeer will be a part of your child’s daily activities! Children will get to take home their own brooms, wands, owls, Monster Book of Monsters and potions handbooks. This full day camp will offer your Potterheads a memorable week immersed in their favorite world. Lunch is included.  

Offered Week 6 (July 6th - 10th) Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Located in the Specialty Camp Room

Cost: $490* for Members and $510* for Non-members


JEDI CAMP: JEDI VS. SITH (ages 7 – 14)

Learn the power of the force with Jedi Camp!  Will you fight with the light or the dark side of the force? This week, you will get to decide!  Team up with Luke, Leia, and Yoda and learn the power of the Force, or team up with Darth Vader and join the Dark Side! During this fun filled week, children will practice Jedi honing skills including use of a light saber, defensive techniques, meditation, and experiments that bring out their inner "Force". Completing the steps of training, they will construct lightsabers, pods, participate in a pod race as well as build and code their own droids to send on important missions.  For the week’s finale, children will battle each other: Dark vs. Light Side of the Force, complete with Storm Troopers, Darth Vader himself and many other special guests!  They will also get to purchase prizes at the Jawa Trading Post.  Bring your own Jedi robe or Jedi robes may be purchased for an additional fee.  This is an all day camp and includes lunch. 

Offered Week 11 (August 10th - 14th) Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Located in the Specialty Camp Room

Cost: $490* for Members and $510* for Non-members



Calling all future jewelry designers! Come join us for this exciting technique based camp where your child will learn the skills they need to make a wide variety of jewelry pieces including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces! We will be learning how to make strung jewelry including how to crimp a crimp bead and add clasps, how to open and close jump rings, make perfect loops, do some simple bead weaving and even loom work. No prior jewelry making or beading experience needed and your child will leave camp with a number of finished jewelry pieces and the knowledge of how to make jewelry for years to come! 

Offered Week 4 (June 22nd - 26th) Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Location: The Conference Room

Cost: $210* for Members and $230* for Non-members 


MERMAID CAMP (Ages: 6-14 years)

Let your children put their best fin forward in this mermaid adventure! In this camp your child will have the opportunity to swim in a real mermaid tail, learn mermaid tricks, and play mermaid games under the summer sun. Mermaid crafts, food, and other activities will be provided.

Requirements: swimmers must possess basic front crawl and backstroke technique independently without a floatation device. Participants must come in their bathing suit.  Fins will be provided!

Instructors will be in the Water with the children at all times

Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Shallow end of the Olympic Pool

Cost: $260* for Members and $280* for Non-members

Weeks offered:

  • Session1/Week 1        (June 1st - 5th)
  • Session 2/Week 2     (June 8th - 12th)
  • Session 3/Week 11     (Aug 10th - 14th)
  • Session 4/Week 12     (Aug 17th - 21st)
  • Session 5/Week 13     (Aug 24th - 28th)
  • Session 6/Week 14     (Aug 31st - Sep 4th)


POKEMON CAMP (Ages 7 to 14 years)

Calling all Pokémon Trainers! Join us for a week of Pokémon adventures!  Pokémon card tournaments, themed foods, and crafts will be some of the activities provided. Your children will test their skills to earn various gym badges and will have an opportunity to “Catch Them All!”  We will also be playing Pokémon Go*!  Children will learn the basics of the Pokémon Card games and compete in a small tournament.**  Children will take home their own Pokémon Trainer hat, gloves, Pokémon buddy and Pokémon Cards.

*In order to play Pokémon Go at the end of the week, your child will need access to a cellular device with data. 

 **Children can bring their own cards to Pokémon camp.  Children will receive a small booster pack of cards for attending the camp.

Offered Week 4: (June 22nd - 26th) Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Located in the Specialty Camp room

Cost: $260* for Members and $280* for Non-members



During this creative camp, your children will design and make their own marionettes, sock puppets, shadow puppets and so much more!  This camp integrates the physical and performing arts into one, creating future thespians and crafters in the process.  The week will end with a puppet performance by the campers for their family and friends.  

Offered Week 12: (August 17th - 21st), Monday through Friday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Located in the Specialty Camp Room

Cost: $210* for Members and $230* for Non-members                                                                 


Specialty Camps Disclaimer:

Campers may complete the day in another camp by paying an additional fee. See Camp General Information/brochure for more details.   

Registration forms, payment, emergency information and signed waivers are due at 12:00 pm on Thursday prior to the week camp starts.  A non-refundable late registration fee of $60 will apply if received after this time.

*All specialty camp prices include a $60 non refundable materials fee.