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Project Walk Claremont

Project Walk

The Claremont Club takes pride in helping further the health and wellness of the community and they do so by sponsoring and implementing a number of programs onsite at the club. From Spinal Cord Injury treatment to addressing the academic needs of the children in the Claremont Unified School District, wherever there’s a need in the community the club seeks to fulfill it.

Through the generous hearts, support, and donations from the club and its members, each program has flourished and enriched the lives of those involved. On a daily basis we are humbled by the positive reception and “thank you’s” we receive.

Our emphasis on civic duty and dedication to making a difference in the community lies within the heart and vision of our President and CEO, Mike Alpert. Mike Alpert has successfully lead the company for over 15 years and has singlehandedly served as the spearhead in the club’s charity endeavors. His ability to recognize a need in the community and fulfill it has benefitted many and he has no plans on stopping any time soon.

The newest venture in the club’s determination to “give back” comes in the form of a new Spinal Cord Injury treatment center, Project Walk Claremont, a franchise location of the well known Project Walk Carlsbad. This new facility at the club will expand their current SCI treatment center associated with The Be Perfect Foundation from 24 to 72 participants.

To learn more about the Project Walk or any other community involvement please see TCC Gives Back.