TRX Suspension Training

The Claremont Club is proud to offer one of its newest bodyweight exercise programs, TRX Suspension Training! With the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ tool, taking advantage of gravity and your own bodyweight, TRX Suspension Training offers hundreds of exercises allowing for any user to reach any fitness or training goal that they might have. What ever your fitness level may be, the easily scalable nature of TRX Suspension Training makes it a practical solution.


6 Weeks / 2 Days per Week - $150 per Person
Start: July 26, 2014
End: October 17, 2013
Session A: Tues / Thurs 6:45 AM

TRX Information

  • Suspension training program using gravity and bodyweight. It is meant for those who have a basic level of fitness to those who are advanced.
  • Challenges core strength and range of motion.
  • Class also uses free weights and medicine balls
  • Participant should expect to have increased overall core and body strength and endurance.
  • Held in Power Zone Studio

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training uses the principles of vector resistance, pendulum and stability movements to help you develop strength, power, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Start building lean muscle and lose weight by boosting your metabolism with this full body exercise program.

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Whether you are out of shape or a pro athlete, young or old, TRX Suspension training at the Claremont Club will help you reach your fitness goal. Please fill out the contact form to the right to request more information and a Group Exercise staff member will contact you. You may also contact the Group Exercise director Antionette Mara at 909-625-6791 (ext. 225) for more information.

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